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The Finish of Makeup Part One: Matte Finish + Video Tutorial

The finish of our makeup, namely Matte, Satin or Shimmer sends a clear and unique message.

finish image

This applies to all makeup; skin, eyes, lips and cheeks.

Here are the Finishes defined;

medium light


Matte – Does not reflect light. In a way, almost absorbs light.



Neutral copy


Satin – Reflects light similar to how the water and oil in our skin naturally reflects light.





Shimmer – Reflects light in a sparkling fashion. Hyper-reflection.



Each of these finishes send a distinct message.

How we mix and match these finishes influences how we are perceived when wearing makeup.

The following observations are based solely on my experience with makeup and do not necessarily reflect any scientific study.

Part One focuses on a Matte Finish.

Matte Defined:


  • Flat.14225_429923579_l
  • Look, don’t touch.
  • Approach at your own peril.
  • Removed.
  • Powerful.
  • Not human.
  • Mysterious.
  • Lifeless.
  • Timeless.




Matte makeup is excellent in creating contour to our face because it absorbs light.




When making the crease of the eye deeper or the underside of the cheekbone more slender, matte finish aids in enhancing the effect.


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When making all of the skin matte, it can have a variety of effects. The fairer the skin, the more dramatic the matte effect.




When paired with contrast colors colors on eyes and lips, it is a beautifully dramatic effect.

When worn with little contrast on eyes and lips, the effect is stark and less lifelike.

Experience the Gourmet Collection: Eye Shadow Quintets


On medium skin tones and darker, a matte finish appears to have a less stark effect than on lighter skin tones.

2015-06-15_1439What Are The Best Colors For Me? Pt 2: Color Intensity


Also, when subtly pairing a more reflective feature (as in lips with these 2 images) with a Matte Finish on the skin, life is brought back to the look of the makeup as a whole.


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Here is a Makeup Gourmet How-to Tutorial for Matte Finish Skin.

Experience the Gourmet Collection: Eye Shadow Quintets

There is no right or wrong finish when using makeup.  when better understanding how the Finish affects the overall look, it only enhances the effect you want to create.

Next blog I will discuss a Satin Finish in more detail.


Chris Scott
28th of January,  2016



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2 thoughts on “The Finish of Makeup Part One: Matte Finish + Video Tutorial

  1. Hello Chris,

    I happened to find a random video of you on YouTibe where you shared a variety of tips on makeup application during a video/skyoe session with a counselor…..(I wish I remembered her name). I learned so much from just that hour long conversation hku had with her in how I can perfect my skills as an artist. You explain the WHY behind the application, you give reason as to why you pair and place colors on the skin and give it meaning. Younexplain things in a way where it just makes sense! I enjoy your teaching and wish I was in San Francisco to meet you in person. I’m going to purchase your book and share with my gals at work. I would love to read more about how to color correct appropriately on warmer skin tones. I have client who s multi-racial (Puerto Rican, Cambodian, and Caucasian) so she had those neutral undertones, however low lights and highlights in the skin that it was a challenge in finding the right foundation match for her skin due to those areas. I’m bi-racial (Native & African American) and some mistake me for being Filipina bc of my undertones and features that I struggle too with fimdomg the right colors for my skin. I want to master this area of color correction especially for my women and men of color, bc it’s an area that’s widely missed as it’s not thoroughly taught in schools at least.

    Thank you for all you do! Blessings from Arizona!


  2. Hi Leanne,

    Thank you for your thoughtful words. Color correction was introduced to me rather randomly, and only after much experimentation, have I learned foundationally how significant to the Face with a Heart method of makeup application color correctors have become.

    In fact, they are one of the core answers to my quest in creating the most authentic result possible when using makeup.

    Luckily for you I have done the years of experimentation and, as you so kindly put it, explain it in a way that just makes sense.

    I urge you and your peers to schedule a one-hour skype session with me. We can have a skype party. Invite your peers over and I can meet them all.

    The link for a consultation is and if you all chip in it will be extremely cost effective.

    You also receive a 15% reduction in the cost of product which accompanies any service I provide when paying the full cost of the service. (meaning may not be combined with any other discount or promotion).

    Please do take the time to connect and we can sort out all of your concerns and both learn a little more along the way.


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