Makeup Gourmet provides a wide range of beauty industry expertise.

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Share your enjoyment with others by giving them the unique and personalized experience that visiting Makeup Gourmet offers.  All recipients receive an additional 20% off all products at time of service, compliments of Makeup Gourmet.

Need your makeup done? This is the place. Our philosophy is simple: How to Apply–What to Buy. We provide classic and air brush makeup for all occasions. Come in and let us cook a look either in studio or on location.

My favorite makeup to do!  Experience and expertise make your wedding day as memorable as possible. Just reserve, sit back, and be gorgeous. We’ll take care of all the rest.

For individuals who are interested in personalized looks, to groups who want to learn the art of application. We also provide Skype lessons and don’t forget, our videos help those who can’t come in.

We offer professional level training for aspiring and continuing makeup artists who want to improve and enhance their own styles. Like in cooking, the recipe can be complex, but learning the right touch always does the trick.

Make the best online first impression. Affordable makeup and photo shoots for your new personal and professional online profile pictures.

Makeup Gourmet stands for locality and community. We love our city and welcome anyone with the desire to bring people closer. We have a diverse menu of Social Beauty options that are offered.

Now more than ever is the time to book Chris. His new book, Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup is the most exciting revelation in our relationship with beauty makeup.

We cater to industry professionals including (and not limited to) photographers, videographers, makeup and hair artists, models, art directors and more.

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