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Face with a Heart
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Premium Face with a Heart Companion Tutorials

2 complete series of 23 companion videos demonstrating  the 23 techniques from the richly illustrated #1 best seller Face with a Heart method of makeup application.

• Series #1: Caucasian:  Watch Now! $6.99

• Series #2: Asian:  Watch Now!  $6.99



Complimentary Videos

You on a Good Day
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Makeup for the forty + woman has its own set of criteria. As we mature, makeup accentuates us in different ways. Techniques used in all of these videos follow the Face with a Heart method, however we need to be sensitive to how makeup behaves on a maturing skin in order to reduce the distractions and enhance the attractions proportionally to your skins needs. Watch Now.


Dramatically Easy Eyes
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Here are some dramatic eye makeup tutorials to  inspire your next dramatic adventure.


Eye Liner: Themes & Variations
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Everyone has the same eye line. It is along where your eye lashes grow. Eye liner defines and maximizes the authentic shape of your eye.

Everything else is an art liner.
Art liner changes the shape of your eye to create a desired heightened effect.


Hundreds of Makeup Gourmet YouTube Videos

•  Face with a Heart Authentic Beauty Makeup  companion video tutorials.
•  Focus Video Tutorials.
Live 1-On-1 Online Makeup Lesson/Consultation.
•  Live 1-On-1 Online Private Shopping.
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A huge assortment of :

•   Step-by-step, start-to-finish playlists with a wide range of ages and ethnicities
•   Specific ‘How-to’s’ that solve a specific makeup challenge
•   Episodes from the Makeup Gourmet TV show
•   and more…


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