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#1 best selling author Chris Scott’s latest book, How A Makeup Artist Becomes A Successful Business, is a revelation for all makeup artists seeking proven career direction. This book successfully translates and delivers 30+ years of business success into actionable instruction.

How A Makeup Artist Becomes A Successful Business addresses and exhausts every topic makeup artists have concerning their careers. There are even bonus chapters that go beyond career counseling into career wisdom.

Like Mr. Scott’s previous #1 best seller, Face With A Heart, this book freely gives all the answers away. “There is nothing more frustrating than seeking an answer and only getting the mumbo jumbo surrounding the answer, and never the answer itself” Mr. Scott says. “This book is nothing but answers.”

The perception that artists lack business savvy is often true. The truth is artists willing to put in their due diligence in order to succeed, will succeed. This book provides the shortest distance between a makeup artist and business success.

Whether a first entering makeup artist, a veteran, or somewhere in between, this book clearly defines the next steps in achieving best success. Details like training, getting work, pro etiquette, taxes, best kit tools and best practices give guidance only decades of experience can offer.

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format, How A Makeup Artist Becomes A Successful Business, is the book all careers wish that such a book existed.


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Table of Contents


Part One: Everything Except the Makeup

● Makeup Artist License/certificate
○ Do You Need a License/certificate to Be a Makeup Artist?
○ Cosmetologist
○ Esthetician
○ Certified Makeup Artist
○ When a License Is Required
○ Individual State Licensing Requirements
○ International Licensing Requirements
○ Union Membership

● Makeup Artist Career Paths
○ Freelance/union/agency/employee

● Makeup Artist Jobs
○ Agency
○ Commercial
○ Cosmetic Company Representative
○ Fashion Show
○ Film
○ Freelance
○ On-staff/in-house
○ Industrial
○ Key Makeup
○ Makeup Design
○ Medical/corrective
○ Mortuary Cosmetologist
○ Performance
○ Permanent/semi-permanent Makeup
○ Special Effects
○ Special Event
○ Television
○ Union
○ Wedding

● Training
○ The Beginner Makeup Artist
○ Training Tips for Improving Makeup Skills
○ Most Important Advice on Training
○ How to Practice
○ Makeup Schools
○ Budget Training
○ Moderate to Expensive Training
○ Training Methods

● Hair Styling

● Portfolio (your Book)

● Release/liability Forms

● Liability Insurance

● Getting Paid

● Pricing

● Contracts

● Forms of Payment

● Taxes
O Tax Form Schedule c
O Reporting a Loss
O Tax Deduction Categories

● Your Brand

● Marketing
○ Word-of-mouth
○ Client Database
○ Business Cards
○ Website
○ Webmaster
○ Blogging
○ Social Media

● Best Practices
○ What to Ask Before the Job
○ Travel
○ Destination/overnight Jobs
○ Bring Everything
○ Know Where You Are Going and How to Get There
○ Show up on Time (meaning Early)
○ Confirm the Schedule
○ Get to Work
○ Discretion
○ Word to the Wise
○ On-set Etiquette
○ The Wrap

● About You
○ Being a Successful Makeup Artist
○ Being Professional
■ Dependable
■ Communicative
■ Honest
■ Personable
■ Creative
■ Flexible
■ Resourceful
■ Expedient
■ Consistent
■ Healthy Self-esteem

● Biggest Pet Peeve

● Now What?

Part Two: Makeup Artist Gear

● Makeup Kit
○ Brushes
○ Eyes
○ Cheeks
○ Lips
○ Supplies
○ Tools
● Makeup Chair

● Lighting
○ Best Light
○ Bad Light

● Table

● Attire

● Shoes

● Snacks/water

● Mobile Phone Policy


Bonus Chapters

● 3-foot Rule

● Hand Mirrors

● Before & After Photos


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