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Nia_Peeples“I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that this book exists. Really. I’ve been in show business for many years and my face has been touched by many makeup artists. And the most difficult thing to do is natural makeup…and yet, it is the most important thing, as far as I’m concerned… It’s a real talent. In Face With a Heart, Chris is teaching people how to do it for themselves, which is amazing. It is invaluable. It allows me to feel like me – not somebody else – and to feel natural even when I’m dressed up in a corset and high heels! Thank you, Chris, for writing this book.”

Actress, writer, speaker, coach, holistic beauty blogger

Allison Maslan“Chris truly cares about his clients. He wants to bring out their authentic beauty. And he captures this brilliantly in Face With a Heart. It is a step-by-step guide that empowers women to express their own beauty… There’s nothing worse than putting your makeup on and feeling not like yourself. To have all these tools right there in front of you, to carry with you, is such a gift.

CEO, business mentor, entrepreneur, fashion industry expert, Bestselling author of Blast Off!

Ginger_Burr“Face With a Heart is straight-forward, practical and very beautiful. I also love the size of it. The pictures are big, easy to see and very detailed. And it’s DOABLE by everyone! It’s an absolutely glorious book. I think everyone should own it!”

Author, Speaker and Image Consultant for women 40+

Terry Wildemann“I love, love, love this book… It’s absolutely stunning… I’ve taught makeup for a long time, and I learned a lot of new things from it. When I read it the first time, I immediately ran upstairs to put on a whole new face using the things I learned! To be able to read a book and follow it step-by-step like this is just so much FUN! And theresults are wonderful.”

Attractionpreneur™ Business Coach for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

nathalie_chapron“What Chris has done in Face With a Heart is come up with a formula that will work for every woman. He’s taken his 30 years of experience and developed a system that is pretty much foolproof…it really creates a magnificent result.”

Image Consultant to Conscious Women Speakers

Sample Amazon reviews

Really first book EVER to show how to do makeup with links to how to videos on the author’s website for each part if needed. Finally had the opportunity from a book to learn and understand what to do. Why don’t other makeup artists include this information in their books???
Makeup application demystified. Thanks, Chris, for this thoughtful and scientific diagram; I’ve used it daily since I bought the book! I look forward to meeting you in person one day.
This an awesome makeup book. The techniques are sound and easy to follow. I must have 50-100 makeup books and this is my favorite-yes, even better than Kevyn Aucoin! (Kevin’s book are lush, but not too much insider info.) There are little tips and tricks I have never read in another book (how to properly apply color corrector, how to “Bambi” the eye for example) 
Really well written and informative book. Love his different approach. The complementary videos are awesome! I learned a lot!
Great book! I’ve been using the techniques in this book for a few months now. I’m surprised every day with the compliments I receive –I.e., my skin looks brighter, I look much younger, even that I look beautiful. I’m only sorry I didn’t understand before how to put my efforts to better use. It’s much more satisfying to put on makeup now. Also, I don’t look like I’m wearing too much makeup. I have a casual, natural look. Great book. I especially like the specific techniques, the overall principles to them, the best brushes to buy and what step are ok to skip if I’m short on time. BTW, I’ve purchased some products from the author’s website and they’re better priced than I’ve found elsewhere and the quality is great.
I was sold on Face with a Heart when I saw Chris Scott in action. He’s the real thing and so friendly and knowledgeable–totally makes you feel “comfortable in your own skin.” Now I’m back to buy copies for friends.
Top notch! Buy it! You will learn the science behind beauty. Exactly what I was looking for!

Sample client reviews

Rebecca – The best thing about the make-up lesson with Chris is that he doesn’t talk *while* doing it, rather he tells you what he’s going to do, finishes, tells you again, then YOU do the same thing on the other side of your face. It’s really the absolute best way to learn: you get auditory, hands-on *and* visual. I love his tips of how to do things, and that he showed me which order to do things, so I could stop at any time and *still* look pulled together, rather than looking like I never finished.


Chau T – Chris Scott did an amazing job with my make-up for my engagement session in Berkeley, CA. My make-up held up really well and looked great in the pictures. Thanks Chris!


Anya R. – My appointment was phenomenal – a “must” activity for any girl (even those experienced with make-up). He is so patient and knowledgeable and definitely listened to all my needs (eg my sensitive skin, etc.)! Time worth spent!!!! Gather your girlfriends and enjoy this activity together…


Holly E.I had a great make-up application lesson with Chris. It was relaxing and fun and I really learned how to apply the make-up myself. I was extremely happy with the result. I am not in the first bloom of youth and he listened to what I said I wanted. He didn’t cookie-cut me with the applications too youthful or too matronly. Neither did he hard sell me cosmetics. He asked if I wanted anything and I did. The prices were really reasonable. I would recommend him highly.


Niki Y. – Chris and his group of amazing staff hosted a make-up party for mothers, complete with a hairstylist, mimosas, and snacks. If you are a mother, you know the challenges of taking care of yourself let alone having someone dote on you. It’s rare. We all came in bedraggled and bleary eyed with big frizzy heads, not knowing what to expect. We were absolutely taken care of from our make-up to our hair to our spirits! Quite honestly, it’s the best time I’ve had with other moms since I had my son three and half years ago. Chris and his staff were warm, compassionate, smart, funny, and engaging. Not to mention beautiful. When I left there, my make-up looked gorgeous and my hair was sexy. I learned some easy make-up and hair tricks to do at home to pull my self together, and I felt great! I’m still thinking about that day and how much fun I had! I highly recommend The Makeup Gourmet!


unhei k. – I’m really happy w Chris’ session. I really learned a lot about applying make-up. My colleagues complimented me. My husband whistled at me. (He always whistles at me, but he whistled extra special. :-))


Paula S. – I had my wedding last weekend and Chris did make-up for my mom, my husband’s mom, my sister and me. He did a fantastic job. Chris was early and scoped out a good place to do the make-up. He had everything set up for us, all we had to do was sit in this chair and wait for him to perform his magic. You can’t go wrong with Chris, he is a pro at what he does and has a great personality.

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