Deposit EyeShadow Brush: 2 Sizes


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Deposit Brush: Shadow/Powder
Flat and soft rounded eye shadow brush ideal for using the ‘Deposit’ technique of application. Ideal for precise placement and color density control.

MEDIUM–Dimensions: Bristles : 00.39″ (01.00 cm), Ferrule : 01.57″ (04.00 cm), Handle : 05.03″ (12.80 cm)

LARGE– Dimensions: Bristles : 00.59″ (01.50 cm), Ferrule : 01.57″ (04.00 cm), Handle : 04.92″ (12.50 cm)

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Deposit Brush (Shadow/Powder) Video Tutorials

Asian Model

Caucasian Model

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Wide flat brush ideal for depositing (pressing into place) shadow and powder.

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