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Beauty school students crave more makeup training.
Here is the missing link for students of beauty.

Face with a Heart
Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup

It is an objective, clear, and thorough approach to applying makeup.

Key Strengths:

• Teaches a method that works for all face types and lifestyles.

• Provides the artist with a fail-proof order of application.

• Includes free companion video tutorials for each ‘How’ chapter of the book.

• Maximizes efficient application without jeapordizing stellar results.

• Clearly defines a natural, balanced, dramatic and trend makeup.

• Informs how to communicate with clients to best fulfill their needs.

• Clarifies the ‘Why’ first, then the ‘How’ of each step of makeup application.

• Imparts an aesthetic that is authentic to each client.


Here are the first 20 pages of the book to assess its value

Part One:

Theory Sample Pdf

 Table of Contents

Letter from the author
How to use this book

Part One: Theory behind the technique

  1. Beauty Makeup vs Authentic Beauty Makeup
  2. Power of Makeup
  3. The Why? Of Makeup
  4. Authentic Beauty Makeup Looks
  5. Look Book
  6. Color Intensity
  7. Structure of Face Shapes
  8. Face with a Heart
  9. Face Shape Translator
  10. Reduce the Distractions/Enhance the Attractions
  11. World of the Eye
  12. Sweet Spot of the Eye
  13. Vault of the Face
  14. Eyes Wide/Lips Tall
  15. Cheeks frame the heart
  16. Lash Last
  17. Sum is Greater Than its Parts

Part Two: How to Master Authentic Beauty Makeup2015-06-02-FWAH-AmazonUS-paper-cosmetics1-IMAGES

  1. Makeup Station
  2. Makeup Brushes
  3. Face with a Heart Proper Order of Makeup Application
  4. Eyes
    1. Brows PDF Download

    2. Eye Shadow Base/Corrector/Primer
    3. Lash Filler (upper lash bed eye liner)
    4. Eye Shadow: Classic Contour Method
    5. Fuzzy Liner (bottom lash liner)
    6. Wedge Liner (art liner)
    7. Modern Contour Eye Shadow
    8. Clean Up the Under-eye Area
  5. Skin
    1. Skin Primer
    2. Skin Correction
    3. Foundation
    4. Powder
  6. Lips
    1. Lip Liner
    2. Lip Color
    3. Lip Gloss
  7. Cheeks
    1. Contour Cheek Bone
    2. Blend Cheek Contour
    3. Powder Blush
    4. Cream Blush
    5. Highlight Cheek Bone
  8. Mascara PDF Download

    1. Upper Lashes
    2. Bottom Lashes
  9. Finish

Close PDF

Back cover PDF (includes author bio)

This book is the result of teaching and perfecting this method for makeup artists.

This resource is offered to Beauty Schools and students of beauty to supplement a rewarding makeup education in a cost-effective manner.

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