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Thai food is a cuisine that many love yet never make for themselves.

There is a mystery attached to the highly flavored experience that Thai food brings.

Learning the secret behind what makes Thai food so tasty is an exhilerating revelation.



Making Gumbo is both an art and a science.

The ‘Holy Trinity’ is always invoked.

It all comes down to the roux.



Oysters shine when a group activity.

Ordering a dozen is fine. Shucking a dozen is a skill with benefits.

The Bay Area is rich with a fresh variety of oysters suitable for both BBQ and eating raw.




Tom Kha Gai

Creamy coconut milk comfort soup w/ chicken, mushrooms and seasoned with lemongrass and galangal root.



Tom Yum Goong

Hot, sour and spicy shrimp soup with tomatoes & mushrooms and seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and galangal root.





Larb Salad

Mix of minced meat, fresh herbs, shallots, lime juice, fish sauce palm sugar and roasted jasmine rice flour. Highly flavorful eaten with lettuce leaves.

Protein Choices

Chicken • Pork • Tofu • Duck (add $3.00)



Green Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya tossed with cherry tomatoes, long beans, dried shrimp(optional),

hot-sour-spicy-sweet dressing.



Thai Steak Salad

Sous Vide cooked steak sliced thin and tossed with cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, lettuces,

hot-sour-spicy-sweet dressing.


Fresh Vegetable Platter

Cucumber (palette cooler) • Long Green Beans • Lettuce Leaves



Coconut Milk Curries

Green or Red (Spicy) • Yellow (mellow spicy) • Penang (peanut earthy/likes beef)

Protein Choices

Beef • Chicken • Pork • Tofu • Shrimp (add $2/person)



Jasmine Rice • Brown Jasmine Rice





Straight • Garlic Herb Butter • Blue Cheese & Bacon • Drunken Sailors*

$35 / dozen


$25 / dozen



Served w/ Rice

Chicken & Sausage • Vegetarian • Seafood






Class – $200
2 hours (may run long)
Maximum 10 people*/No minimum
Minimum 4 orders each** of any single dish taught in class.
**Food cost pricing is per person.

*We may cook for more than 10, however 10 people in the kitchen is more than enough.


Shopping Add-On

Come Shopping with Running Fork for your In-Home Cooking Class.

Wanna know where to get the ingredients? What to look/ask for?

$50 total

Up to 4 shoppers


All prices per person. 4 person minimum per item.