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How to Pick a Foundation Shade & Quick Demo Video

How do you do it? (Quick Demo Video)

Once you know the foundation formula you want, you now need to get the right shade.

You have to put it on your skin, and not just your skin, your jawline. The hand or forearm will not do unless that is where you will be wearing the foundation.


You do not have to apply it to your whole face. Instead apply an opaque vertical stripe a fingertip width wide along the jaw line closer to your ear than lips. This area is the truest shade of your skin. Also, we want the shade to disappear at the jawline. (Quick Demo Video)


Allow the foundation to begin to dry. Watch the edges of the stripe. If the shade disappears into the skin outside the stripe, chances are this shade will look most like your own skin. (Quick Demo Video)



Why do we wait for it to dry a little?

There are internal and external forces that factor into the final dry-down of a foundation.

They are:

• PH balance of the skin
• Body temperature
• Environmental oxidants

All of these factors affect the pigment and it is wise to let them have their affect before choosing your shade.

The first two, PH balance and body temperature, affect the shade very quickly. In a minute you will know the affect on the foundation.

Oxidation however takes longer to manifest. Suffice it to say that no matter what shade you choose, it will get slightly to moderately darker by the end of the day.


If you need to choose between 2 shades, one a little lighter than your skin tone and one a little darker, I recommend always choosing the lighter one. It will get darker during the day. (Quick Demo Video)


If you start with a foundation a little darker, as it oxidizes, it will give the skin a more weathered appearance. As this is usually not the desired appearance, try to use restraint and not select the slightly darker shade.


Do I need to try it on my skin?

Absolutely. Color charts either in stores or online are a guide to narrow down the shade that is appropriate for you. Without putting it on your skin, you will NEVER know if it is the right shade for you. (Quick Demo Video)


The only exception is if looking at tints such as BB creams or my Tinted veil. They usually come in 3 to 4 shades max.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.14.08 PM

The pigment is so minimal in these products. Most people know if they are a Light, Medium or Dark and the color choices do not go much deeper than that.


What if my skin tone changes throughout the year, winter is lighter and summer is darker?

For those whose skin has a wide shade range throughout the year, I suggest 2 foundations, one for your lightest shade and one for your darkest shade.


It is far easier to mix a little foundation together and get your exact shade as it fluctuates throughout the year than getting a new foundation shade every time your skin lightens or deepens. (Quick Demo Video)



What are the pitfalls to avoid?

lipstick_mainIf purchasing in a store and being helped by an employee, do not let the employee rub the makeup into your skin to show you how well it blends.


It is easy to make a number of shades blend well if it is blended enough. Use the stripe dry down method before having anything applied all over your face.




Use the daylight test. It is best to have your own compact mirror and check the new foundation in a few lighting scenarios before selecting your shade. Outdoors is a must and bad bathroom down lighting will often reveal if the undertone of the shade is wrong.







Here is a quick demo video for picking your foundation shade

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24th of February,  2016



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