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What does your face shape have to do with makeup?

While there are specific techniques to address personal concerns such as wide-set eyes or round cheeks etc, your overall face shape as it relates to makeup stays unchanged.

The goal with Authentic Beauty makeup is:  Reduce the Distractions & Enhance the Attractions.

Distractions are anything that catches our attention away from eyes and lips. Examples include redness in skin, darkness under eyes, blemishes etc.

Regardless of face shape, isolating our main attractions, eyes & lips, is key to being seen more clearly.

That is why the Face with a Heart concept is universal and holds true every time makeup is applied.

What is the ‘Heart of the Face?’

It is the area contained within the red lines above.
Think of eyebrows as the top arches of the heart.
The diagonal lines running along the outside corner of eyes and lips are the sides of the heart.
The base of the chin within these diagonal lines is the base of the heart.

Here are examples of face shapes and how the Face with a Heart translates from face to face.


Use this as a guideline as to where you apply and not apply makeup.

As best as possible, minimize/neutralize any distractions within the heart so eyes and lips stand clearly alone.

I always say to make the skin in the interior of the heart level 10 coverage, meaning the fullest coverage you want with your makeup.

Then coverage gradually lessens from 10 to 0 as it moves away from the exterior of the heart line outwards towards the hairline and jaw line. This is automatically achieved by smoothing foundation from the center of the face outwards.

To heighten and better frame the Heart of the Face, have contour and blush fall just outside the Heart Line. This dramatically isolates your eyes and lips while shaping the area of the face outside the heart line. I call it ‘where the face turns the corner’.

from Natural to Dramatic makeup, following this guideline will always make you noticed first.

What you want to hear is ‘You look great’, rather than ‘Your makeup looks great’.









To better implement the concept of Face with a Heart in your daily makeup application, treat yourself and others to the International Best Seller FACE WITH A HEART MASTERING AUTHENTIC BEAUTY MAKEUP.

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Most people apply makeup generally and they look generally good.

Some people apply their makeup specifically and they look specifically good.

They use the same makeup, only in a more specific way.

Learn the specifics and always look and feel specifically good.


Makeup Gourmet’s Face with a Heart Authentic Beauty Makeup® products are developed alongside the Face with a Heart Authentic Beauty Makeup® method of application. They are customized to give you the best results when applying your makeup.

Please let me know if this blog was of value to you and share your own Authentic Beauty Makeup tips in the comments box below. I would love to hear how you get on trying this new method of makeup application – tell me how useful you find the tutorials and how you found the results. You can also use the comments box to tell me what interests and concerns you when it comes to which makeup colors to choose. Please let me know so I can fashion future blogs that are relevant and interesting to you.

Want to know more? My new best selling book, Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup is available on Amazon now.

Chris Scott
19th of January,  2017

CHRIS SCOTT Makeup Gourmet

CHRIS SCOTT, M.A. is the creator of San Francisco-based Makeup Gourmet®. Over his nearly 30-year career, in addition to doing makeup for top models from every corner of the planet, he also had the honor of working for legends like Paul McCartney, US Vice President Al Gore, Shirley Temple Black, Maya Angelou and Olympic Gold medalists Oksana Baiul and Kristi Yamaguchi. He was the creator and host of the TV show ‘Makeup Gourmet’ from 2008 – 2010. He was a leading Chanel Beauté national artist for over two decades, and is also the creator and guest teacher of Fashion Makeup at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He created his unique Makeup Gourmet line to ensure his clients and the public could have access to high-quality, ethically produced, ‘green’ makeup and skincare with a low-carbon footprint. Chris is also the author of Cosmetic Counter Survival Guide: How to Buy the Right Skin Care and Makeup and the international #1 bestseller Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup.

‘The grass is always greener where you water it.’

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