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Part One – Concept of Skin Thin Makeup

Skin thin is both a concept and technique for applying makeup. The technique is that no layer of makeup is thicker than the top layer of your skin. The concept is that when makeup is skin thin it is part of you and not on top of you.

The outermost layer of our skin, the epidermis, ranges from a half a millimeter to 1 mm thick on our face. in order for makeup to be part of us and not top of us each layer of makeup is applied as most thin as possible. The grace in doing so supports the appearance of makeup to be coming from the skin itself and not on the skin.

The idea of wiping or brushing makeup across the face works against the skin thin concept. it is the difference between painting a surface and polishing a surface. With painting the goal is to cover the surface being painted. With polishing the goal is to enhance the surface being polished without covering it.

For example, imagine a raw wood table. You want to make it look attractive. One method is to choose an appealing color of paint end cover the raw surface of the table. 

Another method is buff a translucent polish that brings out the luster of the pinewood without concealing it. 

With makeup we see examples of both approaches daily. For those who choose to wear makeup, some are concealed by its presence and others are revealed by its presence.

As one goal of authentic beauty makeup is to have others see you more clearly, the latter approach is most desirable.

Both methods require equal amounts of time and energy. What differs is the technique. As polishing a table brings out the luster of the table, skin thin makeup application brings out the luster of you. 

The hurdle to clear is retraining your familiar muscle memory. For many who wear makeup daily, your application has come down to a series of efficient repetitions. Your makeup application has become a dance and you no longer think of the choreography. To see yourself more clearly when you wear makeup, you need to learn a new dance. 

Skin Thin Makeup Video Tutorials

Upcoming in this post series is a focus on new techniques to apply skin thin makeup and be seen more clearly.

Part One – Concept Of Skin Thin Makeup

Part Two–Hold The Brush Like A Microphone (or a wine glass whichever visual works for you).

Part Three– Fishtail Brushstroke

Part Four– Press & Roll

Come back for the rest of this revealing series on Skin Thin Makeup.

Chris Scott
21st of August, 2019

Makeup Gourmet Chris Scott’s series of how-to video tutorials based on his #1 international best seller

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