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Fall – Color In Transition. Makeup Gourmet Live S2. E1.

Color in Transition

Disclaimer: However you want to wear your makeup, and the colors you choose to use, is obviously entirely up to you.  I find the ‘Rules of Makeup’ restricting and often contradictory. This week’s blog is meant to share some reasons for fall colors. How you apply your makeup does not need to change (unless you want it to). This is a discussion of colors that you may transition into from your current makeup color wardrobe. It is that simple to have your makeup transition with the seasons.

Fall & spring are the 2 best examples of nature leading the way as it applies to makeup and fashion.

Both seasons deliver a dramatic shift in both foliage and the light of day.

As fall approaches, nature experiences a deepening of color and daylight.

Although subtle up to now, once we pass the fall equinox, light will soften more rapidly during the day, as will the total hours of daylight. (Northern hemisphere perspective. The opposite happens in the southern hemisphere).

With less light there is less contrast of color, and color can appear muted.

This effect translates into the transitional colors for makeup and wardrobe.


Quick Styling Deconstruction

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we choose what to wear and how to wear it based on:

  • Weather
  • Time of Day
  • Destination

We do this to be comfortable and to be appropriate (or not, depending on your personality).

Like spring, the season of fall provides a clear shift of color, light and temperature.

Take this shift (color, light and temperature) and apply it to your makeup colors and you easily and stylishly transition with the season.

Here is a visual example of the transition of color, light and temperature.


Transition the color, light and temperature of your makeup wardrobe to reflect the season in which you find yourself.


A word about trend colors

With each season comes a fashion color dictate. This dictate comes from a council that agrees upon colors for each season years in advance.

It allows time for designers, manufacturers, and retailers to plan ahead and be on the same ‘fashion page’.

Colors of the season may seem arbitrary, however they are a well thought out design to keep fashion moving forward.

For those who enjoy not only wearing season appropriate makeup and wardrobe and want to wear this season’s color palette, it is good to know the palette. This video shares a colorful example of fall/winter 2017 colors.

For a thoughtful discussion/demonstration of fall color,

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Chris Scott

14th of September, 2017

Please let me know if this blog was of value to you and share your own Authentic Beauty Makeup tips in the comments box below. I would love to hear how you get on trying this new method of makeup application – tell me how useful you find the tutorials and how you found the results. You can also use the comments box to tell me what interests and concerns you when it comes to which makeup colors to choose. Please let me know so I can fashion future blogs that are relevant and interesting to you.

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