Makeup Gourmet

Makeup Styling Interview

There are the many questions I ask my clients before any makeup lesson or application. The answers focus me on the best colors and style. Without this information, I have no direction to take the makeup. With it, I deliver the most thoughtful and on-point application possible.

By taking this styling interview, your answers will be personally processed. As a result, you receive a comprehensive color & makeup styling report. This report is designed to guide your every makeup application.

The Makeup Styling Interview has 7 sections.
Please take time to answer as thoroughly as possible to get the best results.

The 7 Sections Include:

  • Your Canvas
  • Your Wardrobe Style & Colors
  • Your Accessory & Jewelry Choices
  • Your Lifestyle When You Wear Makeup
  • Your Preference Of Makeup Intensities
  • Your Take-Away
  • Your Comprehensive Makeup Styling Report

Your comprehensive color and makeup styling report will be sent to you within a week.

Your report will include:

  • Makeup color selections
  • Makeup styling face charts
  • How-to videos for your suggested looks
  • Written observation of your overall makeup needs based on your interview
  • Bonus Add-ons

Click on the first section, ‘Your Canvas’, to start the interview