Eye Makeup Brush Bundle #3

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Face with a Heart Value Bundles
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5 brushes to use for eye shadow, eye brow,and eye liner application.
• Eye liner brush
• Eye brow color brush
• Deposit brush
• Crease brush
• Bullet brush


Face with a Heart Value Bundles

Face with a Heart value bundles are sets of products that work cohesively together.
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Here are the main brushes to use for eyeshadow, eye brow, and eye liner application.

Eye Makeup Brush Bundle #3

Eye Liner Brush
Very small rounded tip brush for effectively applying eye liner between lashes and on wet line (sometimes called tight line).

Eye Brow Color Brush
Highly crisp and angled-edge brush gives controlled precision to eye brow color application. Ideal for any intensity brow: natural, professional or dramatic.

Deposit Brush
Flat and soft rounded eye shadow brush ideal for using the ‘Deposit’ technique of application. Ideal for precise placement and color density control.

Eye Crease/Contour Brush
Tip of brush fits snugly into crease of eye to evenly blend and distribute eye shadow to your desired satisfaction. Perfect for a classic contour and smoky eye.

Bullet Brush
The brush resembles the upper tip of a bullet, thus the name. Ideal for placing  eyeshadow in small areas with clean precision.  Used in my modern contour look.

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