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Makeup Gourmet Affiliate Program: Get Started

Welcome to the Makeup Gourmet Referral Partner / Affiliate Program

Below is the info to get you posting referral links and get your program live and on the internet.

This is broken down into a few categories. I do not want to over-saturate you with info because, for the most part, this is real easy.


As an affiliate you may promote any part of the website you want.

For example.

• All shop page
• Individual products
• Blogs
• Services
• Online courses
• etc.

The idea is that you are sharing valuable content to your friends and social media circles.

You may reach an audience via:

• Email
• Facebook
• Google+
• Twitter
• Your Blog
• Your website
• etc

If you are a fan of Makeup Gourmet, then telling others about what you like is easy.
Even if it is only one thing. Everyone loves a good recommendation!

If you are not yet a fan however an online marketer who knows that a 9% commission on sales is a good opportunity, you know what to do.

As far as marketing goes, everyone smells a sales pitch. We know when someone is trying to sell us something.

The more genuine your shares, the better the response.

For example. Let’s say you like my book Face with a Heart.

You post your affiliate link on Facebook and tell your circle why you like the book. Ask people to share the link.

Whenever anyone clicks on this link and buys the book, you get commission (9%). When someone shares the link outside your circle and their circle clicks on the link and buys the book, you get commission. If they choose to buy anything thing else, either now or later, you make more commission. As long as your cookie lives in their browsing history, you get commission.

The more viral your post, the higher the odds of increasing your passive income.

I can go on and on about marketing however I think you get the picture and can see the many ways this opportunity applies to you.
You are helping people by telling them about something you believe in, and you make passive income.


This video goes more in-depth and a must-see if you haven’t watched it already.


  1. Your Commission Rate Structure: A commission fee of 9% of all total sales (not including applicable tax) initiated by your unique Affiliate referral links will go in full to the you/Affiliate.
  2. Your Recruit Commission Rate Structure: Affiliate’s may introduce unlimited recruits to this program. When a recruit is accepted and active in the program, A commission fee of 2.5% of all total sales (not including applicable tax) initiated by you recruit’s unique referral links will go in full to you/Affiliate.

A check is sent monthly ($50 minimum), or we can set-up a direct deposit if our banks are compatible. Payments are deliverd no later than 2 weeks after the previous month where payment is due to you. If your monthly commission is less than $50, it will carry over to the next month until it reaches/passes $50. If ever you decide to leave the program your balance will be paid immediately.


Your Referral Partner Center

Here is where you go to get your coded links, check sales, amongst other things.

I use a software called Infusionsoft and you will be logging on to Infusionsoft to access your Referral Partner Center home page.

the signin url is:

Use the user/pass that I gave you when we signed you up for the program.









Once you signin, the next page should look like this except with your name in the upper left.


referral home page


I have included some unique coded popular links in your Referral Partner Center. These links are unique to you only.

You can click on them to see where they lead.

Please email me to get additional links you want and I will add them to your coded link list in the link generator of your Referral Center Home page.

Copy and paste your unique links and that is all there is to it.

You are able to follow both your commissions and those generated by any recruits you have brought into the program.

From there you post away and get the ball rolling.

Below are a couple of graphics to use. You can download any image from the Makeup Gourmet site for additional images.

If you need assistance with content, feel free to copy/paste any content/copywriting from the Makeup Gourmet website when posting a referral link. You are free to write your own copy as your own words will be more authentic.

Thank you and I wish us both great success.

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