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Steak–Sous Vide



If you love steak and never had a sous vide steak, this is a must.

If you have already experienced a sous vide steak, time for another.


Steak Dinner

Ribeye • New York • Porterhouse (subject to availability)

1 lb. • 1 1/2 inch Thick

Prepared Rare • Medium Rare • Medium Only

Baked Potato With All The Trimmings • Spinach: Steamed or Creamed • Tossed Wedge Salad • Steak Sauces


Sous Vide is an immersion style cooking that, before searing, cooks 100% of the steak to your exact temperature. Steaks are seared before serving for caramelized finish & juice and flavor retention.

First steak I ever made using Sous Vide. Fail-proof.

6 person minimum.