Get Your Colors Done

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Your color report is personally processed. 
You get a multi-page colors & makeup styling PDF file complete with:


  • Easy-to-follow ‘look’ charts
  • Video tutorials
  • Personalized color breakdown


This interview is designed to guide your every makeup application. Your answers will be personally processed.

As a result, you receive a comprehensive color & makeup styling report.

This report is designed to guide your every makeup application.

There are the many questions I ask my clients before any makeup lesson or application. The answers focus me on the best colors and style. Without this information, I have no direction to take the makeup. With it, I deliver the most thoughtful and on-point application possible.

After ordering, log in to your Makeup Gourmet account page to retrieve your course (interview)

The Makeup Styling Interview has 7 sections. Please take time to answer as thoroughly as possible to get the best results.

The 7 Sections Include:

  • Your Canvas
  • Your Wardrobe Style & Colors
  • Your Accessory & Jewelry Choices
  • Your lifestyle When You Wear Makeup
  • Your Preference Of Makeup Intensities
  • Your Take-Away
  • Your Report

A comprehensive color and makeup styling report will be sent to you within a week of interview completion.

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Your makeup styling report includes:

Makeup Charts

-Up to 5 makeup look charts (depending on how many looks your interview answers dictate).
-Each chart will include the suggested colors in order of application.
-Each chart will include the suggested brushes and when to use them.

Video Tutorials

-Links to videos that show and explain how to apply your recommended looks.
-Links to videos for techniques to add to your makeup repertoire.

Color Charts

-Master color swatch chart of all your recommended colors .
-Breakdown of color swatch groups that work well together.


-Written observation of your overall makeup needs based on your interview.
-Written analysis of how your answers lead to these conclusions.

Bonus Add-ons

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-One complimentary 30 minute online (skype) or in-studio follow-up appointment.

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This is an exclusive offer unparalleled in its depth and comprehensive encompassment.

it is all about you and the results are all your own.

The results will be as clear as day and an example of how you may approach makeup styling in the future.


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